UWRChallenges Webinars

UWRChallenges Webinars

UWRChallenges Webinars explain each challenge to learn how to apply, the tasks required, how to participate, and be ready to compete with other teams in finals.
You can watch each challenge by clicking on the specified challenge.
You can also find some webinars for our partners, such as Ocean Community Challenge (OCC) and other international and local partners.

UWRChallenges Orientation Webinars

AUV Challenge

Reach The Oceans!

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles which concentrate on building AUV machine makes specified tasks underwater with scientific and engineering concepts.

ROV Challenge

Discover The Oceans!

Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles which concentrates on building real ROV applications to develop more stable solutions in the marine field.

AI Underwater Challenge

Explore The Oceans!

Artificial Intelligence for Underwater Robotics which concentrates on Creating an AI model that can be applied in the industry of the marine field.

SeaPerch MENA

Product the Oceans!

SeaPerch Challenge is for all elementary, middle, and high-school students who are passionate about learning how to make ROV (Remotely operated underwater vehicle).

UWRChallenges Partners Webinar

Ocean Community Challenge

Ocean Community Challenge 2020 is an open challenge inspiring inclusive innovation for coaster communities to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The UWRChallenges winners with an innovative business idea will have the chance to travel to Portugal to compete in an Ocean Community Challenge 2020.