UNDERWATER ROBOTICS CHALLENGES include a series of challenges held at the local, regional, and international levels, In each challenge we aim to encourage new features and opportunities to share your design and ideas with the ocean.

AUV Challenge

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge

AUV is an underwater robotics challenge that aims to push the applicants towards the latest technologies and develop their skills in underwater robotics by applying them in real-life simulated missions to provide modern solutions for the marine field using Autonomous Underwater Vehicles.

ROV Challenge

Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle Challenge

ROV is an underwater robotics challenge that aims to teach and creatively apply skills to solve real-world problems and strengthen their critical thinking, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the marine science by building Remotely Operated underwater Vehicles.

AI Underwater Challenge

AI Underwater Challenge

AIU is an artificial intelligence based-on challenge aims to solve specific marine problems that the real underwater world suffers from and to introduce a real simulated solution prototype (AI application) ready for the industry.

SeaPerch MENA

SeaPerch MENA Challenge

SeaPerch MENA Challenge is a regional challenge that allows elementary, middle, and high-school students to construct a simple, remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV), from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe and other readily made materials. SeaPerch MENA is held in two separate regions to maximize number of qualified teams so teams should apply according to their region:


MATE Egypt Regional ROV Competition

MATE Egypt ROV competition is an annual regional competition held in the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) for the interested undergrads in the remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV). As the ROVs perform specific underwater missions according to the rules and the competition guidelines. The competition was firstly launched in 2011 by Delta Square International LLC in association with AASTMT. Know More

ERL Emergency Service Robots

Emergency Robots

ERL Emergency Service Robots is a civilian outdoor robotics competition, with a focus on realistic, multi-domain emergency response scenarios in urban environments. This year, a robotics team composed of land (UGV) and underwater robots (AUV) should be ready to intervene! one underwater robot and up to 2 land robots are allowed in the rescue. They need to be capable of navigating in unstructured environments, sense the environment with optical and acoustic sensors (for underwater) and manipulate valves and other objects for the land robots. The competition Powered by the European Robotics League.