UWRChallenges Event Instructions 2020

Get ready for the UWRChallenges Finals

We are pleased to invite you to safely and securely UWRChallenges main event with a proactive program that safeguards Participants' health, continues physical distancing and provides clear safeguarding rules. CHECK NOW the UWRChallenges event general agenda below.



UWRChallenges reveal a LIVE STREAMING for the Whole Event  

[Opening Ceremony, Underwater Missions, Pitching & Closing Ceremony]


UWRChallenges Agenda

Date: 29 – 31 October 2020

Location: AASTMT, Alexandria, Egypt

Day Schedule: From 08:00 AM to 05:30 PM

Allowed team members: 6 Members


29 October 2020

  • ROV Challenge [Underwater Missions - First Trial]
  • AIU Challenge Hackathon


30 October 2020

  • ROV Challenge [Underwater Missions - Second Trial]
  • AIU Challenge Hackathon
  • SeaPerch MENA Challenge


31 October 2020

  • ROV Challenge [Pitching 2]
  • AIU Challenge [On Site Presentation]
  • The Closing Ceremony of the UWRChallenges



UWRChallenges General Instructions

  • There will be very restricted security rules, and no visitors/spectators are allowed.
  • Time will be very restricted, and no exceptions will be made.
  • Teams should check-in one hour before their mission time slot.
  • Only team members are allowed to work on the vehicle, not mentors or supervisors.
  • Only 6 of the team members, including their mentors or supervisors, are allowed to attend the challenge days.
  • Only 6 of the team members will be allowed to attend the pitching 2 [onsite pitching].
  • Only 4 of the team members will be allowed to attend the closing ceremony, and any additional members will not be allowed to enter the competition venue [AAST].
  • After each team's underwater mission time ends, the whole team should leave the competition venue (AAST) directly.
  • After each team's onsite pitching time ends, the whole team should leave the competition venue (AAST) directly.
  • The winners will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Kindly check each challenge rulebook for general instructions, penalties, and disqualifications on the UWRChallenges website.



COVID-19 Instructions

Such activities must be undertaken by prioritizing participants' health and safety, which will be mandatory to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Team members have to wear a mask [mandatory] to enter the AASTMT.
  • There must be enough space between each to minimize crowding by 1 meter of social distancing during any interaction.
  • Follow an exit from any event area from the entrance to allow for one-way foot traffic.


The goals of this guidance are to protect people attending and working at the event from COVID-19 infection.