Meet Blueswarm, a Smart School of Robotic Fish

Meet Blueswarm, a Smart School of Robotic Fish

Meet Blueswarm, a Smart School of Robotic Fish

The robofish, called Bluebots, autonomously synchronize their swimming 

Harvard researchers have developed an autonomous, fish-inspired robot swarm, and those robots can synchronize their movements like a real school of fish without any external control.


In nature, schools of fish exhibit complex, synchronized behaviors without following a leader, individual fish make a decision based on what their neighbors do, this robot collective, dubbed, blueswarm, uses a 3D vision-based coordination system and 3D locomotion.


Each bluebot is equipped with two cameras and three LED Lights, for the 3D vision of its schoolmates, the bluebot moves freely in 3D using multiple fins, inspired by reef fish.


Cameras detect the LEDs of neighboring robots and bluebots use a custom algorithm to determine their distance and direction.


Using this technique, bluebots can perform complex behaviors, including aggregation, dispersion, and milling, they can even perform a simple search mission.


This is the first time researchers have demonstrated multiple complex behaviors in underwater swarms without any external base station or assistance, and this research paves the way for future underwater swarms that can perform environmental monitoring where GPS and WIFI can be accessible.    


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